Change is Inevitable

As your compliance partner, we never stand still.

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We see compliance as more than a requirement,
it is our client’s competitive leverage.

We deliver essential resources and expertise necessary to fortify our clients’ proprietary compliance capabilities

We offer project and on-call services in a customized, timely and cost efficient manner

We provide sustainable means to address regulatory and reputational risk inherent in client business models

With a highly respected service partner, we offer cyber security and IT risk assessments

We offer comport365®, a proprietary web-based tool that simplifies and documents the compliance risk management process

Your compliance partner, one and done!

  • Investment advisers
  • Hedge fund advisers
  • Private equity fund advisers
  • Exempt reporting advisers

We believe that every day is “game on” in the
compliance business

Client benefits
  • Effectively comply with federal securities statutes
  • Gain access to fresh and objective expertise, work products, and solutions
  • Work only with seasoned principals
  • Receive timely and affordable risk management expertise and services
  • Save time and money
  • Access comport365®, a valuable web-based compliance tool: login here